Need G2 Dataset? You are at the right place.

Get a 169K+ Products G2 Dataset, Fresh & Accurate, with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for $580. Join the 300+ Happy Buyers.

❓ How is the G2 Data Collected?

We extract the data directly from

❓ How Complete, Accurate, and Fresh is the Dataset?

Our dataset consists of over 169,000 G2 products, encompassing the complete G2 product catalog. You can find the full list of G2 products here.

The data is 100% accurate, with not a single field out of order, as we do not resell old datasets. Instead, we extract fresh data for each customer.

❓ What Data Points Are Provided?

We provide over 45+ data points, important among them are:

  • Name
  • Product Description
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Category
  • Comparisons
  • Alternatives
  • Reviews (up to 25 by default)
  • And many more...

❓ Can I see a sample of G2 data?

You can find sample overviews and reviews of 1000 products below:

❓ How much does it cost?

Unlike other Data Companies, we are totally transparent with our Pricing, the complete G2 dataset consisting of 169k+ products costs $580.

Also, Our Price is the Best in the Market, considering our Dataset is Complete, 100% Accurate, Fresh.

❓ What if I Don't Get Value from It, Can I Get a Refund?

We wholeheartedly ❤️ believe in the value our dataset brings for you, especially since it has successfully worked for hundreds of people like you.

But, we also understand the reservations you might have.

That's why we've put the ball in your court: If, within the next 30 days, you feel that our dataset hasn't met your expectations, don't hesitate. Reach out to us, and provide your PayPal email address and within 24 hours, we will gladly refund your money, no questions and no hassles.

Also, we are ethical and honest with our refund process, having provided refunds to numerous customers for our G2 Dataset as well as other offerings such as our widely-used Google Maps Tool tool.

❓ Why should I trust that you will deliver the dataset accurately?

We are experts in data extraction, and have successfully completed notable projects, including:

Botasaurus: Our in-house developed web scraping framework, Botasaurus, has also garnered significant attention and is used by 10000+ developers. You can see it at Botasaurus has also been starred by over 1100 people.

Google Maps Tool: This project has been starred by over 800 people and is widely used by thousands of developers around the globe. See it at

❓ How Can We Discuss How the G2 Dataset Can Grow My Business?

You can schedule a meeting with us here to learn, how our G2 dataset can help your business.

Alternatively, you can contact us via WhatsApp, or email:

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