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Getting Started



Clone Starter Template

git clone my-om-project
cd my-om-project

Then change into frontend/ directory and install dependencies.

cd frontend/
npm install --legacy-peer-deps

Then change into blog/ directory and install dependencies.

cd blog/
npm install

Then change into backend/ directory, install dependencies, migrate database and seed with data.

cd backend/
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
npm run db:delete-and-seed

Run the Frontend and Backend Server

Start the frontend server

cd frontend/
npm run dev

In a seperate terminal start the backend server

cd backend/
npm run dev

Now, visit http://localhost:3000 to see the home page with a nav bar linking to various pages of application. Explore the pages by clicking on navigation links to get a big picture of feautres of your application.

Run the Blog Server

Most of your time will be spent writing frontend and backend code. Occasionally, you will need to run the blog server to preview the articles you write. Run following Command to spin up the blog server

cd blog/
npm run dev

Now visit http://localhost:4000/blog/ to see the blog home page.