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Om Startup Framework by Chetan Jain and Omkar Team

🚀 Save Months of Development Time ✨

💡 Idea

🙏 Namaste,

A few months back, I built my startup, Like building all startups, it was a heck of an experience. I spent a few weeks implementing the authentication system, as online resources on JWT were scattered and confusing. I then had to spend a few more days implementing Google authentication. Next, I spent several weeks iterating on the creation of a blog, landing page, pricing page, contact us page, email sending ability, and Google Analytics. Fairly obvious progress. Isn't it?

Well, Reflecting on my experience, I realized that I had spent a lot of time doing things that are fairly common across all SaaS, such as authentication, blog, landing, pricing, and contact us pages.

I thought to myself, "Why not take features that are common across SaaS and present them into an easy-to-use framework so that developers can save months of development time?"

Well, my thoughts translated into action and I created Om Startup Framework. I am confident that it will save you months of development time and you will love it.

✨ Benefits

Here are some of the features that will reduce your development time in months so you can be ready to launch your startup from day 1:

  • Production Ready Blogging System

  • Production Ready Authentication Pages with Google Auth, Email Auth, Email Verifivation and Forgot Password Functionality.

  • Responsive and Beautiful Pricing Page with Whatsapp and FAQ Button which also supports Variable Pricing for Different Countries

  • User Management Dashboard with ability to Delete or Ban users of your Application

  • Stunning Landing Page

  • User Action Tracking so you know exactly what each user did in your application from sign in to sign out and everything in between.

  • Ready Made Url Shortner to create short urls for tracking clicks. Say Sayonara to

  • Pre configured Github Actions so delpoying new code is as simple as a git push

  • Contact Us Functionality which also sends a Thank You Email for Contacting Us.

  • Brillant Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions to safeguard your StartUp.

  • Great Guidance of Deployment and Important Tools you need for your StartUp.

In short, Om Startup Framework does all the boring work and all you have to do is fit in the Code that makes your Application Unique.

👨🏻‍💻 Technologies

Om Startup Framework helps you create Enterprise Level Application. To do so we need to use a number of technologies. Here's a quick taste of the technologies that Om Startup Framework uses:


Also you can use the framework perfectly well even if you don't know Docker, Kubernetes and Github Actions as these are related to Deployment and already configured for you.

📚 Pre-Requisite Knowledge

To get the most out of our docs, it's recommended that you have a basic understanding of Next.js and Django.

Given that you know React, If you are interested to learn Next.js and Django, these resources are Great Starting Point: