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How To Get Clients For Law Firm

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🎯 Overview

You are here because you want to get Law Clients.

We will share with you a great strategy to help you get clients for your Law Firm.

Let's not beat around the bush, and get started.

Reaching Out to Companies Hiring Lawyer

If a company which has posted a job role for Lawyer then their are high chances to convert them into a Customer.

While some companies want to hire in-house, others are open to discussing the option of working with an external Lawyer, especially if you can demonstrate that you are a great choice for them.

Also in case they are adamant about hiring in-house still you can still offer to provide them with a skilled Lawyer from your firm on a monthly contract basis.

Here's an example of how it can be done:

  • Target the People who are hiring a Lawyer, we recommend targeting CEOs and COOs with verified emails at companies with size range of 11 to 1000 who are hiring for Lawyer.

You can easily find people who fit this criteria using omkar cloud.

Screenshot (323).png

  • Now send a personalized email. Following is an excellent email template that you can use
Subject: Hiring Lawyer at [Company Name]?

Hi [First Name],
Saw that you’re hiring a Lawyer at [Company Name].

I wanted to see if you’d be interested in our Law as a Service offering. You only pay for results you get.

Something you might be interested in?

[Your Name]
  • As a best practice send a followup email to increase your response rates. Following is an excellent email template that you can use
Hey [First Name], I know that you are a busy person. So just wanted to follow up so that this doesn't get lost.
[Your Name]

Next Steps

That's all there is to getting clients for your law firm.

I know it is simple and as human we are wired to look for complex solutions but trust me this is a simple and battle tested strategy that is used by experts and will get you results.

Understand that Knowledge learned but not applied does not bear fruit. So head over to, discover your leads, and start shooting emails :)

Wish you best of luck!

Dhanyawad 🙏