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Omkar Affiliate Programme



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🙏 Jai Jinendra,

This guide will provide you with an overview of the Omkar Affiliate Programme and share effective strategies that you can implement to earn Affiliate Revenue.

What is Omkar Affiliate Programme?

Omkar Affiliate Programme is a Programme where as an affiliate, you earn a 50% commission every month for 24 months for each paying customer referred via your unique link.

Referrals also get a 10% discount on payments for 24 months.

For example, if 5 of your referrals purchase the Unlimited Plan for $35/month, you earn $87.5/month (50% of $35 x 5).

Why join Omkar Affiliate Programme?

By Partnering with Omkar Cloud you get our credibility, social status, and product quality.

As an affiliate, you do not need to make products, handle payments, or provide customer support.

All you need to do is get people to visit Omkar Cloud using your unique affiliate link, and you earn revenue month after month.

Some important Reasons to partner with us are

  • High Commission: We offer a 50% commission for 24 months, which is significantly higher than the industry standard of 20% to 30%.
  • Free Tier: We have a free tier so you do not need persuade anyone to make a purchase. You simply need to encourage them to try out our product for free.
  • Membership Product: We have a membership product ensures a steady stream of income every month.

Know Your Product

It is important to have a good understanding of the product you are promoting

Omkar Cloud

Omkar Cloud is a B2B Lead Generation Product that helps businesses find leads.

For example, if a marketer intends to sell their marketing services to IT companies, they can use Omkar Cloud to locate CEO’s of IT companies' leads along with their LinkedIn URL and email addresses, and then reach out via LinkedIn and email to sell their services.

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Target Audience

The top three target audiences for Omkar Cloud are:

  • Lead Generation Experts who want to resell Leads to other businesses
  • CEO of Marketing Agencies who want to sell their Marketing Services to other businesses.
  • CEO of Web Development Agencies who want to sell Web Development Services to to other businesses.

It is suggested to target lead generation experts for the best conversions.

Also we encourage you to give Omkar Cloud a try for free by visiting


Omkar Cloud's main competitor is ZoomInfo. You can find valuable content inspiration on their blog and YouTube channel. Here are the channels where you can access ZoomInfo content:

Omkar Cloud Pricing

Omkar Cloud offers a straightforward pricing plan model, consisting of a free plan and a single unlimited plan priced at $28 per month when purchased annually and $35 per month when purchased on a monthly basis.

If your referral purchases the monthly plan, you will earn $17.5 per month. Alternatively, if they opt for the yearly plan, you will earn $14 per month.



Let's discuss the strategies you can use to get people to try Omkar Cloud and earn Revenue.

YouTube Strategy

In this strategy, you create videos on topics relevant to lead generation, such as

  • How to find Clients for Digital Marketing
  • How to find Clients for Web Development
  • Top B2B Lead Generation Tools
  • Top B2B Lead Generation Strategies

At the end of the video, add a call to action to visit Omkar Cloud using your affiliate link to get 10% off on Paid Plan.

This strategy requires the most hard work but also gives the highest return on a long-term basis due to the fact that on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, newer content is given priority and older content gets buried.

LinkedIn Group Posting Strategy

Follow these steps to create an effective posting strategy in LinkedIn groups and generate leads:

  1. Join multiple lead generation groups on LinkedIn.
  2. Write engaging posts in all the groups. Here are two examples of posts you can use as inspiration:

Example 1:

I just found an epic way to find verified B2B leads. I'm happy to share it with anyone who's interested. Let me know in the comments!

Example 2:

Here are 3 Tips that experts Cold Callers are hiding from you: [HOOK]

1. Adopt a humble and pleasant tone during the call.
2. Personalize the pitch for the company.
3. According to Yesware's analysis, calling between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm leads to the longest call duration.
Bonus tip #4: Use good quality data to find the right prospects who are interested in your services. 
If you want to know the tool I use to find the best leads, let me know in the comments! [CTA]

Asking to comment is important as it signals to the LinkedIn Algorithm that the post is generating engagement, leading to an increase in post visibility due to the algorithm's boosted distribution.

  1. For those who comment expressing interest, send them the following message:
Feel free to use Omkar Cloud, an awesome B2B lead generation tool, by visiting

Facebook Group Posting Strategy

The strategy for Facebook groups is the same as for LinkedIn groups, except that you'll be posting in Facebook groups instead of LinkedIn.

DM Strategy

Use the following strategy to reach out to people who provide lead generation services:

  1. Visit to find potential leads.
  2. Send them the following message:
Hi [Name],
I know of a tool that helps find verified B2B leads along with their email. Feel free to try it at **[](**.

Are these Strategies going to work?

The success of these strategies depends on your effort and dedication. Here's an example:

Person A tries the strategy once by creating one post, replying to two comments, and sending three DMs. They give up and claim the strategy doesn't work.

Person B takes the strategy seriously and creates a daily action plan. They create three posts a day, reply to 15 comments, and start 30 DM conversations. After the first three days, they start to see what works and what doesn't, and optimize their strategy to their niche and specific offer. They "crack the code" and develop an effective strategy that earns them revenue!

The difference between Person A and Person B is the volume of their efforts. By creating 3x more posts, replying to 8x more comments, and starting 10x more DM conversations, Person B has a 21x higher chance of success.

If you're serious about earning income through affiliate marketing or any other online business, it's important to put in the effort and take a strategic approach. Don't just try something once and give up if it doesn't work. Instead, make a plan, test out different strategies, and optimize your approach based on what's working best

How to join Omkar Affiliate Programme?

If you want to join the Omkar Affiliate Program, just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Create an account on


  1. Click on the Referral Program option in the navbar


  1. You will receive a referral link, which you can use to refer others and earn.


To help you promote Omkar, we've provided some resources you can use, including logos and a banner. You can download them from these links:

That's it! Join the Omkar Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions.


The key takeaways from this article are as follows:

  • Omkar Affiliate Programme offers a 50% commission for 24 months for each customer referred via your unique link, and referrals get a 10% discount on payments for 24 months.
  • Omkar Cloud is a B2B lead generation product that helps businesses find leads.
  • The top three target audiences for Omkar Cloud are lead generation experts, CEOs of marketing agencies, and CEOs of web development agencies.
  • Omkar Cloud's main competitor is ZoomInfo.
  • Strategies to make sales include YouTube strategy and LinkedIn/Facebook group posting strategy and DM Strategy.
  • The YouTube strategy involves creating videos on topics relevant to lead generation and adding a call to action to visit Omkar Cloud using your affiliate link.
  • The LinkedIn/Facebook group posting strategy involves joining multiple lead generation groups, writing posts, and sending interested commenters a message with your affiliate link.
  • The LinkedIn DM Strategy involves messaging People who provide Lead Generation Services to try Omkar Cloud.

Next Steps

To benefit from the Knowledge you have gained it is best to practice it. Follow these steps to put your knowledge into action:

  1. Sign up for the Omkar Affiliate Programme by visiting
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Omkar Cloud product and its features so that you can confidently promote it to your audience.
  3. We recommend selecting a strategy to begin with, and our suggestion is to go with the Group Posting Strategy. This involves joining many LinkedIn and Facebook groups and sharing your posts in them. For best results, post one piece of content in as many groups as possible.
  4. Track your progress and adjust your strategy accordingly to optimize your strategies.

I wish you best of luck in your endeavours!

🙏 Dhanyawad 🙏