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How to Scrape Shopify Products using Omkar Shopify Scraper



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šŸ™ Jai Jinendra,

Scraping Shopify stores can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to gain insights on their competitors, pricing strategies, and market trends. In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how to scrape products Shopify stores using the free Omkar Shopify Scraper.

How to Scrape Shopify

Step 1: Visit Omkar Shopify Scraper

Visit to access the Omkar Shopify Scraper.


Step 2: Enter Shopify Website URL

Enter the URL of the Shopify website such as that you want to scrape in the input box provided .


Step 3: Select Shopify Collection

Once you have entered the Shopify website URL, Omkar Shopify Scraper will display a list of collections available on the website. Select the collection that you want to scrape.


Step 4: Download Shopify Products as CSV

After you have selected the collection, click on the "Download Products" button. The Shopify Scraper will scrape the products in the collection and download them as a CSV file.


Step 5: Analyze the Scraped Data

Open the CSV File in Excel or Google Sheets and analyze it base on your needs.



The key takeaways from this article are as follows:

  1. Omkar Shopify Scraper is an excellent free tool for scrape Shopify stores
  2. To scrape a Shopify store visit and enter shopify store details to scrape the Products of the Shopify Store

Next Steps

To benefit from the Knowledge you have gained it is best to practice it. Follow these steps to put your knowledge into action:

  • Start using Omkar Shopify Scraper to extract data from Shopify stores.
  • To use this tool, simply go to and enter the details of the Shopify store that you want to scrape. You can then extract the products from the store as a CSV File

Lastly, I wish you best of luck in your endeavours!

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