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How To Get Clients For Blockchain Development Company

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🎯 Overview

You are here because you want to find clients for your blockchain company.

We will share with you a great strategy to help you land clients for your blockchain company.

Let's not beat around the bush, and get started.

Reaching Out to Companies Hiring Blockchain Developer

If a company which has posted a job vacancy for blockchain developer role then their are high chances to convert them into Customer.

While some companies want to hire in-house, others are open to discussing the option of working with a blockchain company, especially if you can demonstrate that you are a great choice for them.

Also in case they are adamant about hiring in-house still you can still offer to provide them with a skilled blockchain developer from your agency on a monthly contract basis.

Here's an example of how it can be done:

  • Go to LinkedIn and search for Companies hiring for Blockchain Developer in wealthy country like US by entering job search query "Blockchain Developer" OR "Blockchain Engineer"

Screenshot (312).png

  • Find the CEO and CTO of the Company which has posted this Job by going to and entering the Company Name which posted the Job in Search Filter.

Screenshot (314).png

  • Now send a personalized email to CEO and CTO. Following is an excellent email template that you can use
Subject: Question about [Job Title] vacancy?

Hi {{first_name}},
I noticed that you're hiring for a [Job Title] and based on the job description..

I'm reaching out because I recently helped [Similar Company] with their blockchain development needs, and they were happy with the results.

I wanted to inquire if you would be open to working with an external blockchain developer for this project?

[Your Name]

  • As a best practice send a followup email to increase your response rates. Following is an excellent email template that you can use

Hey {{first_name}}, I know that you are a busy person. So just wanted to follow up so that this doesn't get lost.
[Your Name]

Next Steps

That's all there is to getting clients for your block chain company, this is a battle tested strategies you can use and see results for yourself.

Understand that Knowledge learned but not applied does not bear fruit. So head over to, discover your leads, and start shooting emails :)

Wish you best of luck!

Dhanyawad 🙏