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Sign Up Features

How to Generate Human-Like User Data?

To create human-like user data, use the generate_user function:

user = bt.generate_user(country=bt.Country.IN)

This will generate user profiles similar to the one shown below:


The data generated is very realistic, reducing the likelihood of being flagged as a bot.

To get the verification link from an email and then delete the mailbox, use bt.TempMail.get_email_link_and_delete_mailbox as shown below:

user = bt.generate_user(country=bt.Country.IN)
email = user["email"] # Example:

link = bt.TempMail.get_email_link_and_delete_mailbox(email) # Retrieves the Verification Link and Deletes the Mailbox


I have automated the Creation of User Account's. Now I want to store the User Account Credentials like Email and Password. How to store it?

To store user-related data, such as account credentials, use the ProfileManager module:


In cases where you want to store metadata related to a user, such as API keys:

bt.Profile.set_item("api_key", "BDEC26...")

To retrieve a list of all users, use bt.Profile.get_all_profiles():

profiles = bt.Profile.get_all_profiles()

The Chrome Profiles of User's are getting very large like 100MBs, is there a way to Compress them?

You can use tiny_profile feautre of Botasaurus which are a replacement for Chrome Profiles.

Each Tiny Profile only stores cookies from visited websites, making them extremely lightweight—around 1KB. Here's how to use them:

def sign_up_task(driver: AntiDetectDriver, data):
# Your sign-up code here

How to Dynamically Specify the Profile Based on a Data Item?

You can dynamically select a profile by passing a function to the profile option, which will receive the data item:

def get_profile(data):
return data["username"]

data=[{"username": "mahendra-singh-dhoni", ...}, {"username": "virender-sehwag", ...}],
def sign_up_task(driver: AntiDetectDriver, data):
# Your sign-up code here

user_agent, proxy, and other options can also be passed as functions.

Is there a Tutorial that integrates tiny_profile, temp mail, user generator, profile to sign up on a Website and Perform Actions on Website. So I can get a Complete Picture?

For a comprehensive guide on using Botasaurus features such as tiny_profile, temp_mail, user_generator, and profile to sign up on a website and perform actions, read the Sign-Up Tutorial Here.

This tutorial will walk you through signing up for 3 accounts on Omkar Cloud and give you a complete understanding of the process.